Do I Need to Replace my Window Screens? It Still Looks Okay?

If you had the audacity to ask yourself this question, then there’s only one answer, yes. If you love keeping your windows clean, you may have thoroughly scrubbed it and affected your screens that’s why you are asking yourself this question right now. Window screens are a nice aesthetic; however, they require very careful method of cleaning and maintenance or you’re going to end up having them replaced. 

Neglected window screens and maintained infrequently become brittle over time that even an accidental soft touch can make the entire screen or even the window fall apart. Even window cleaners don’t like them. If you’re getting a professional window cleaner, and they notice you have window screens, the first thing they will do is inspect it and advise you if they think you need screen replacement. Often times the window cleaners have their own screen replacement service, but don’t you prefer a professional specifically skilled to replace your almost giving up window screens?  


This is a common issue in places like Florida where there are temperate weather and a lot of folks there specifically designed their homes with screens because of this.  


The houses in Florida usually have sunrooms, patios, lanais, porches and rooms with big wide-open screened windows because of their tropical weather and Florida is famous for their beaches has a lovely view that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  


The life-span of a cheap window screen usually lasts 2-3 years and that also depends on these following conditions: 


  1. Interaction 

How much you interact with your window screen. Do you have kids and pets always poking around on these windows? How often do you scrub hard on your window screens when you decide to clean them? This affects the tightness of the actual screen to the frame of the window. 

        2. Weather Conditions 

Sun Exposure and proximity to the ocean can affect the condition of the screen and make it brittle this will shorten the life span of the screen since it can easily be damaged. Not to mention other weather conditions that may cause debris to fly and get stuck on the screens and removing them already damaged the screen itself. 

       3. Water Damage 

Water can cause rusting and not only does this look unpleasant, but it can also affect other things like if you touch it, you’ll have rust residue on your hands or clothes.  Kids accidentally touching it and eating their hands can be toxic as well.  


A good Boca Raton screen replacement makes your old window that is in shade, always dry, gets cleaned regularly and doesn’t get interaction much can relatively last long. If you’re looking to get your windows rescreened and you’re in live in Boca Raton, Florida, boy do I have good news for you! You can avail their screen repair and screening services for your porch screen, pool enclosure, lanai and virtually any other screen on your property. 

Visit their website to find out more about their services and how you can put yourself at ease when looking for a professional to replace or repair your window screens.  

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